Definition of poliovirus in English:



  • Any of a group of enteroviruses including those that cause poliomyelitis.

    • ‘In addition, other persons living in your house should not take oral poliovirus vaccine since there is a chance they could pass the poliovirus on to you.’
    • ‘In Mumbai city there is a project to search for wild polioviruses in sewage, conducted by the Enterovirus Research Centre of the Indian Council of Medical Research.’
    • ‘Making a countrywide list of all biomedical laboratories and inventorying those having specific pathogen (in this case wild polioviruses or potentially infected material) is a task never before attempted in the country.’
    • ‘The purpose of laboratory containment of wild polioviruses is to eliminate the risk of reintroducing wild polioviruses from the laboratory to the community.’
    • ‘Viral meningitis may be caused by viruses such as coxsackie, herpes simplex, mumps, the varicella zoster virus of chickenpox and shingles, poliovirus, echoviruses (including enterovisuses).’