Definition of police record in English:

police record


usually police records
  • 1A dossier kept by the police on all people convicted of crime.

    • ‘No one identified the voice to the police at that time according to police records.’
    • ‘At the time that the sample was taken, the Defendant was told that the sample might be used for a speculative search, namely a check against other samples held in police records.’
    • ‘He declared that the files of the Intelligence Division would be his files, ‘official police records not subject to subpoena’ or review by others.’
    • ‘Latest police records show a record number of racist attacks there, 60 per cent of victims being white.’
    • ‘All these studies suggest levels of sexual crime against women higher than those revealed by national victim surveys and certainly far higher than those indicated by police records.’
    • ‘They thus offer a measure of crime a distance apart from police records, of which more below.’
    • ‘Detectives have begun examining evidence from police records and will use new techniques like DNA profiling to help solve the high-profile case.’
    • ‘In at least half a dozen cases, however, the allegations of officer misconduct were supported by witnesses who were not charged with crimes, and by police records made at the time of the incident.’
    • ‘All three suspects eventually confessed and re-enacted the crime for police records.’
    • ‘This drew a positive response and we then checked possible suspects against police records, undertook surveillance and searched homes.’
    • ‘The source of the information must have been the mother and the fiancé, as well as police records (which record a number of domestic violence calls to the home where the fiancé and his former wife lived).’
    • ‘An ECRC will contain conviction data where applicable and may also contain any non-conviction information from local police records, which might be relevant.’
    • ‘The authors used data from police records, birth certificates, and certificates of fetal death from Utah between 1992 and 1999.’
    • ‘For all posts covered by these arrangements, the police check will be made against national and local police records.’
    • ‘Northwestern University has provided access on the Internet to handwritten police records of crimes committed in the city of Chicago going back to 1870.’
    • ‘The police records of the identity parade differ considerably from the video record of the proceedings.’
    • ‘Court documents and police records reinforce the notion that prosecutors knew about the illegal wiretaps in 1999.’
    • ‘It will also analyse the number of complaints and police records of crime figures during the 2003 fair.’
    • ‘Nonexperimental research on eyewitness memory has been conducted using questionnaires/interviews, case studies, and archival analyses of police records and court documents.’
    • ‘It is also likely to have caused major prejudice to the appellant, whose insurer's files on the matter have by now been destroyed; so have the police records and statements relating to the accident.’
    1. 1.1a police record A personal history which includes some conviction for crime.
      ‘a well-known character with a police record’
      • ‘Isn't he worried that a police record will cause him problems in America when his album is launched over there early next year?’
      • ‘In others, the criminals had given someone else's personal details to the authorities to avoid a police record.’
      • ‘Both the man and his wife had police records, including prior arrests for selling methamphetamine, a class one illegal substance.’
      • ‘Cliff was the only one that really had a police record.’
      • ‘No one was hurt, injured or put in danger, yet I now have a police record, dearer insurance and the stigma of being a criminal.’
      • ‘The scheme, which is funded by money taken from drug dealers, gives those arrested in possession of drugs the option of seeing a resource worker rather than going through the courts and getting a police record.’
      • ‘The host country, in essential cases, may ask the Member State of origin for information regarding any previous police record.’
      • ‘I think you only get a referral the first time, second time is a police record.’
      • ‘‘Our new registration process, which now goes through the Victorian Institute of Teachers, threw up the fact he had a police record,’ the spokesman said.’
      • ‘You now have a police record for breaking and entering.’
      • ‘I mean, I've got a police record now, but you don't hear me trying to get sympathy or favoritism from it.’
      • ‘As a result of St. Pierre's notion of getting tough on misbehavior, the school provides not only an opportunity for students to leave with a diploma but also with a police record.’
      • ‘She's overheard worrisome conversations between the young men, but is afraid to report this to the police because her son has a police record.’
      • ‘My source also mentioned a few other problematic issues in her past, like a police record and a history of charges of animal cruelty… on her part.’
      • ‘You'll also need to show a police record and a passed medical exam.’
      • ‘But at their best, the play's religions also provide solace to a girl who has lost her father, a rare sense of community to a boy with mental health problems, and a chance for a new start to a girl with a police record.’
      • ‘If such checks reveal the slightest thing out of the ordinary, or even a police record involving a minor offence, this can be used to justify dismissal or not hiring someone.’
      • ‘He has a police record dating back to February 1976, when he was 16 years old, for offences such as theft, burglary and possession of an offensive weapon.’
      • ‘Therefore you must be treated as a criminal, whether or not you have a police record.’
      • ‘A check by the Croatian police showed that, of the list of 12 names, only two had police records and had been convicted by a Croatian court to 2.5 years in prison for attempted murder in 1995.’
      criminal record, list of offences, list of previous convictions
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