Definition of police dog in English:

police dog


  • A dog, especially an Alsatian, trained for use in police work.

    • ‘When they arrived on Friday morning, three police helicopters hovered overhead, rows of police formed up behind the barricade and police dogs patrolled the grounds.’
    • ‘The vehicle was stopped by a young African guard, but he was overwhelmed when dozens of armed policemen and several police dogs sprang from the vehicle.’
    • ‘Three police dogs are in training with the county's constabulary to wear new lightweight head harnesses fitted with small cameras.’
    • ‘An attorney representing three of the accused told the court his clients had been beaten by the police and bitten by police dogs during their arrest.’
    • ‘When the mother questioned the logic of all this, both in the hospital and during a follow-up appointment, squad cars with police dogs showed up at her home to take the child away.’
    • ‘Of the 56 forces in England and Wales, only eight use electric shocks to train police dogs.’
    • ‘For instance, dogs that have an important job to do, such as rescue dogs, police dogs and guard dogs, generally benefit from leash and collar training.’
    • ‘It got so bad that 12 patrolmen and two police dogs were kept on duty outside the home for several days.’
    • ‘Outside the wall, commandos beat truncheons against their shields and police dogs barked.’
    • ‘Marais said police dogs were instrumental in the arrest of 2924 suspects involved in serious and petty crimes last year.’
    • ‘The base is an enclosed courtyard in the west suburb of the city where over 40 police dogs are kept and trained.’
    • ‘A West Yorkshire Police helicopter and police dogs joined in the search, along with uniformed officers were out this morning conducting a river bank search on foot, but so far to no avail.’
    • ‘Parliament had been sealed and police dogs and bomb squads were searching the building after six men, armed with guns, grenades and at least one bomb, entered the complex in a coordinated attack.’
    • ‘Three police dogs are in training to wear new lightweight head harnesses fitted with small cameras from which pictures can be beamed back to a monitor carried by the dogs' handlers.’
    • ‘A convoy of six armed vehicles, three police dogs and several patrol cars made a simultaneous lunchtime swoop at the addresses.’
    • ‘Police wielding machine guns stormed houses, police dogs were set upon demonstrators, and helicopters buzzed overhead, spotlighting homes and individuals.’
    • ‘We could send in some of our specially trained police dogs who may be able to tackle someone in this situation.’
    • ‘He is one of only a few GMP-bred puppies judged unsuitable to become trained police dogs and are instead re-housed in good homes across the region.’
    • ‘Police carried out baton charges and let police dogs loose on the teenagers, who fought back with bricks, rocks, golf balls and petrol bombs.’
    • ‘Now I have seen police dogs in action and am aware that having attack trained dogs is similar to having a loaded rifle, you simply must be responsible.’


police dog