Definition of poler in English:



NZ, Australian
  • Each of a pair of bullocks at the rear of a team pulling a large vehicle.

    ‘after a short distance, the off-side poler of one of the teams collapsed’
    • ‘One of the polers and the two leading bullocks were lying down.’
    • ‘The leaders' reins come to us through the ring on the polers' harness.’
    • ‘We were just getting a half loaded dray and the two poler bullocks on to the punt.’
    • ‘They were hooked to the rings, from the leading bullocks to the polers.’
    • ‘Then the polers, on command, reverse into their places, one on each side of the pole.’
    • ‘I managed to fix a long link chain between the poler's start-ring and a big log.’
    • ‘After going a short distance, the off-side poler dropped dead.’
    • ‘The lead pair were the most experienced, whilst the polers were the strongest.’
    • ‘You want thick necks on the polers.’
    • ‘The most important animals are the pair nearest the vehicle, known as the polers.’


Mid 19th century: short for pole bullock.