Definition of polemicize in English:


(also polemicise)


  • See polemic

    • ‘Alert to the inequities in access to natural resources brought about by the new laws, they would vigorously polemicize on behalf of the victims of state forest management.’
    • ‘That's why at the end of the film we estimate the number of victims as between 50 and 200, we didn't want to polemicize about the number, that doesn't seem to me that important.’
    • ‘Jackson's hybrid approach and heterogeneous materials, including brochures with song lyrics and lists of things you can't send abroad, polemicized the devices of installation art.’
    • ‘There are poems steeped in religious imagery, and poems that polemicise against belief in the supernatural.’
    • ‘It is a portrait of a unique situation that I never experienced, and it does not go out of its way to generalize or polemicize, though it has its strong opinions.’