Definition of pole vault in English:

pole vault


mass nounthe pole vault
  • 1An athletic event in which competitors attempt to vault over a high bar with the aid of an extremely long flexible pole.

    ‘the pole vault has always been easy for him’
    • ‘We are very strong here in Sligo on the track, but quite weak in some field events such as pole vault, high jump and hammer.’
    • ‘It's not like learning the pole vault or triple jump.’
    • ‘In the same period Scottish athletes have broken 55, and that figure is significantly boosted by the introduction of two new events, the women's hammer and pole vault.’
    • ‘It covers pole vault, triple jump, javelin, hammer throw, etc. (besides just running).’
    • ‘These were achieved in the 100m, the high jump and the pole vault.’
    • ‘Sean also demonstrated his competence in the long jump and pole vault, with a win in the former and third place in the latter.’
    • ‘I lost concentration in the pole vault and the javelin and I think that was down to fatigue - I only slept for three hours last night.’
    • ‘Yours truly knocked over twenty bottles and woke up next morning able to take Gold in the pole vault and long jump, and then run a marathon.’
    • ‘In the long jump, triple jump and pole vault, horizontal velocity is crucial to performance, so head winds will reduce the size of the jump while tail winds will assist the jumper.’
    • ‘Ladwig competed in the triple jump and pole vault in high school as well as diving, football and wrestling.’
    • ‘The decathlete displayed his full range of skills to win the pole vault, high jump, triple jump, javelin and 110m hurdles, and finish second in the long jump.’
    • ‘Her twin sister Lindsay, a former heptathlete at Brown University, now competes in pole vault and finished eighth at 2004 Trials.’
    • ‘It was granted 70,000 in sports development funding and used it to lay tartan on the long and high jump areas and to purchase state of the art equipment for high jump and pole vault.’
    • ‘The decathlon resumes early on Tuesday with the 110 metres hurdles and continues with the discus, pole vault, javelin and 1500 metres.’
    • ‘We're used to the triple jump and pole vault, having watched them for years.’
    • ‘I had done only three training sessions in pole vault that season, but when I decided to participate, I was going only for the gold.’
    • ‘Sligo has not had a great tradition in field events so this is a chance for our athletes to show what they can do in events such as the high jump, pole vault and hammer.’
    • ‘He was competing in the pole vault and was late arriving to register for the triple jump and officials would not let him enter.’
    • ‘You keep coming upon the phrase, ‘raising the bar,’ but that makes me think of the Olympic high jump or pole vault.’
    • ‘The 31-year-old claimed the first-ever Olympic gold medal in women's pole vault at the 2000 Games in Sydney.’
    1. 1.1count noun A vault performed in the pole vault athletic event.
      ‘he blew three pole vaults at the US trials’
      • ‘But you can't beat the rhythmic clapping of fans before a dramatic pole vault or jump attempt.’
      • ‘The 26-year-old from Essex paid the price for a poor pole vault on Tuesday afternoon which moved him out of contention for a medal and he began the final event in fifth place’
      • ‘Macey had seen his chances of a medal disappear earlier in the day, thanks to a poor pole vault where he only managed 4.40m.’
      jump, leap, spring, bound, skip, hurdle, clearance, leapfrog
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[no object]
  • Perform a pole vault.

    ‘our heroes pole-vault to safety’
    ‘I took to pole-vaulting right away’
    • ‘But unless the games are held either in America or Utah, we're not going to watch people pole vault.’
    • ‘Ryan's of Parkgate Street announced with some fanfare that it had a special Greek menu to celebrate the Olympics, so I pole-vaulted down with my broadcaster friend.’
    • ‘As he approached them he stuck his sword into the ground to use it to pole-vault over the flames.’
    • ‘You have to be a good all round athlete to be able to pole vault.’
    • ‘She learned to hang-glide, to pole-vault, to jump with ease on skateboard and ski.’
    • ‘Another traditional sport popular in Friesland is fierljeppen, pole-vaulting across the canals in the warmer months.’
    • ‘In the new training area it will be possible to high jump, long jump, pole vault, hurdle and do circuit training, most of which was done outdoors and this was not always possible in the Irish climate.’
    • ‘And in a movie that's a decathlon of bad acting and worse accents, she can out pole-vault, run, shotput and triple-jump the very worst this movie can throw up.’
    • ‘Still dismayed, he pole-vaulted out of his bathtub as there came a knock at the front door.’
    • ‘Her recent London feat of five metres, a watershed in women's pole-vaulting, should add a new dimension to the event when it is held in Helsinki.’
    • ‘The photos depict women participating in every sport from ping-pong to pole-vaulting, from hunting to hardball.’
    • ‘Before I pole vault into bed, I'd like to thank all the folks who've written with good thoughts about my mother.’
    • ‘That is more or less the same case with women's pole-vaulting, too, though in V. S. Surekha's case, a steady climb over the last two seasons, has helped her focus on a berth in the Indian team for the Asian championships this year.’
    • ‘And while he doesn't exactly pole vault and swing over the towering speaker cabinets anymore, he doesn't stay in one place either.’
    jump, jump over, leap, leap over, skip, skip over, leapfrog, leapfrog over, spring over, bound over, sail over, hurdle, clear, pole-vault
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pole vault