Definition of pole lathe in English:

pole lathe


  • An ancient form of lathe operated by a treadle, in which the work is turned by a cord passing round it and rotated back by the action of a springy pole or sapling attached to the top end.

    • ‘When we were finished in the rotunda, we went outside to a tent under which two treadle lathes were set up-a pole lathe and a bow lathe-both reproductions made by fellow member Mike Podmaniczky from those in the Dominy shop.’
    • ‘Little grind stones roughly only five inches in diameter could be mounted on pole lathes to turn them, but larger stones would have had a man or men to turn it rapidly.’
    • ‘A beetle and froe were used for cleaving the sawn pieces, then a hatchet and drawshave were needed to roughly shape the lengths of wood; finally a pole lathe and various turning chisels finished off the work.’
    • ‘Farm Carpentry will be a selection of woodworking tasks performed on the farm: tree felling, sawing, splitting, riving, turning on a pole lathe, boring with a boring machine and various types of augers.’
    • ‘Some finds of worked wood from York have suggested that the pole lathe was the most likely way that they made turned items such as cups.’
    • ‘Lienhard is working with a pole lathe, but the artist has not shown a tool rest to support the chisel.’