Definition of pole bullock in English:

pole bullock


NZ, Australian
  • Each of a pair of bullocks at the rear of a team pulling a large vehicle.

    ‘the pole bullocks are properly secured in yoke’
    • ‘One of the pole-bullocks died after working ten years on the station.’
    • ‘He bought a pole bullock dray and a team of ten bullocks.’
    • ‘The weight sometimes overpowers the pole bullocks.’
    • ‘The pole-bullocks and the leaders are the steadiest and most valuable.’
    • ‘They have a strong pole to which the yokes of the pole-bullocks are fastened.’
    • ‘My employment was to sit on the dray and keep the pole bullocks to their work.’
    • ‘A terrible accident had happened to his splendid pole bullock.’
    • ‘The two pole bullocks had to fix their feet and slide for about 6 ft.’
    • ‘We had proceeded but a few yards when the pole-bullocks sank to their bellies.’
    • ‘His favourite pole bullock was a noble animal with upturned horns of proportionate size.’