Definition of pole bean in English:

pole bean


North American
  • A climbing bean.

    • ‘Ticos taught them to plant ash-loving squash in burn piles, and to plant pole beans to climb up corn stalks.’
    • ‘The interplanting of corn, pole beans, and squash, referred to as the ‘Three Sisters,’ was a key characteristic of Oneida and other Iroquois horticultural practices.’
    • ‘This is connected to a large bamboo teepee with pole beans, gourds and other climbing plants covering it.’
    • ‘Choose pole beans over bush beans, and trellis them along the back of a container.’
    • ‘As the weather warms up, soak regular peas or pole beans for a few minutes and plant these between the snow peas.’
    • ‘Try this with other vegetables, such as peas, cucumbers, pole beans or even vining flowers.’
    • ‘Or you can try experimenting with climbing vegetables such as pole beans or cucumbers.’
    • ‘These foresters were discovering that in the mountains of Utah, so-called ‘artificial revegetation’ required much more than kicking dirt over a handful of seeds the way one planted pole beans in a garden.’
    • ‘The antique red-oak bins filled with Rattlesnake pole beans, Kentucky Wonder bush beans, Truckers Favorite white corn, and Better Boy sweet tomatoes lure gardening enthusiasts and self-sustaining farmers from five counties.’
    • ‘Build trellises of 1-by 1-inch wood posts - evenly spaced down the row and connected with string - for vining vegetables such as cucumbers and pole beans.’
    • ‘Fresh beans contain fiber, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. ‘Purple Peacock’ is a flavorful pole bean whose green leaves contrast with its purple pods, stems, and flowers; it's also very heat tolerant. ‘Helda’ is a tasty Romano type of bean.’
    • ‘There, kudzu grows like a pole bean on steroids.’
    • ‘And the variety is long-lasting, producing pods a good two months after the heat gets other pole beans.’
    • ‘In summer, twine strung between posts supports vining crops like pole beans.’
    • ‘To support pole beans, put a trellis at the rear of the container or form a tepee with bamboo poles.’
    • ‘Sow another crop of pole beans and limas in mid-July, but wait until the last half of the month to plant cool-season veggies, including carrots, cabbage and collards.’
    • ‘One year when I grew pole beans and butternut squash in the front yard, I had plenty of beans for my family and friends and put 38 pounds in the freezer.’
    • ‘Edible-pod ‘Sugar Snap’ peas and pole beans clamber up twiggy trellises, while a hop vine and porcelain berry grow up opposite sides of an arbor that runs along one side of the garden.’
    • ‘Joan ties some of the very tall pieces together in a teepee style for pole beans.’
    • ‘Of pole beans, I've enabled yellow and green Kentucky Wonders to hurl themselves up chicken wire or, more recently, fish netting that washed ashore on Cape Cod, where we found great clumps of it on the deserted beach on an autumn vacation.’
    • ‘Grow climbing plants such as pole beans and cucumbers on trellising at the back of the bed.’
    • ‘At planting time, set trellises, tepees, or wire cages in containers to provide support for vining crops - pole beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes.’
    • ‘Almost any type will work - morning glories, moonflowers, hyacinth beans, even pole beans.’
    • ‘Provide afternoon shade until harvest by erecting shade cloth, or grow broccoli plants in north-south rows on the east side of tall summer crops, such as pole beans and sweet corn.’
    • ‘In the vegetable garden, use your tepee to support peas, pole beans, cucumbers, and malabar spinach.’