Definition of polarizability in English:


(British polarisability)


  • See polarize

    • ‘Infrared absorption requires that a vibration change the dipole moment of a molecule, but Raman spectroscopy is associated with the change in polarizability that accompanies a vibration.’
    • ‘Dependence of the obtained fluorescence lifetimes on the solvent orientation polarizability, a parameter being the function of both refractive index and dielectric constant, was discussed.’
    • ‘Indeed, we ‘add back’ the polarizability by combining the MD conformations with a protein dielectric constant of 2.’
    • ‘This is the normal effect due to London forces - the greater the polarizability of the electron cloud, the more the condensed phase is stabilized by transient dipoles.’
    • ‘With regard to the observed changes in the spectral properties of the nucleosides in neat solvents, these may be the result of interactions that stem from solvent polarity, polarizability, or specific effects.’