Definition of polarimetric in English:



  • See polarimeter

    • ‘We put these principles to work when we designed and built a waveplate for a spectropolarimeter and polarimetric filtergraph being built by Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory (Palo Alto, CA) under contract to NASA.’
    • ‘In the few past years, polarimetric observations with the VLT have led to the discovery of magnetic fields in a large number of stellar objects in late evolutionary stages.’
    • ‘In the lab, however, people are now using more polarimetric techniques because they let them calculate all polarization states.’
    • ‘Several difficulties arise from using a conventional light microscope for polarimetric studies.’
    • ‘By the time Wang had collected polarimetric data on some 15 different supernovae, he saw that there were two populations with markedly different degrees of polarization.’