Definition of polar orbit in English:

polar orbit


  • A satellite orbit that passes over polar regions, especially one whose plane contains the polar axis.

    ‘an amateur radio satellite in a polar orbit’
    mass noun ‘the agency maintains four satellites, two in polar orbit’
    • ‘When declared operational in 1964, Transit consisted of five satellites in offset polar orbits circling the Earth at an altitude of about 670 miles.’
    • ‘He said the experimental satellite will weigh 35 kg and will be placed in a polar orbit, orbiting the earth from pole to pole, at an altitude of 600 to 800 km.’
    • ‘Depending on your stretch of that definition, a satellite in a perfect polar orbit would pass over each pole once per day and might be called ‘geosynchronous’, but like the time of day at the poles the terminology becomes ambiguous.’
    • ‘Only about 2% of the time is that satellite ever over something even remotely interesting - it's a very, very low yield - and you only come over that spot with a satellite once a day if it's in a polar orbit.’
    • ‘By 2001 those satellites (flying in polar orbits and geosynchronous orbits) were equipped not only with cameras but with a range of sensors that employed the latest infrared technology.’