Definition of point something up in English:

point something up

phrasal verb

  • Reveal the true nature or importance of something.

    ‘he did so much to point up their plight in the 1960s’
    • ‘If you notice anything very funny when around and about, or write something that you think deserves consideration for the award, then do feel free to point it up to me.’
    • ‘Pointing up the severity of the challenge the aviation industry is currently facing, he said that at this moment, some routes were loss-making.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, those differences were not pointed up by the authors or editor.’
    • ‘Although excellent entertainment for dyed-in-the-wool fans, the sameness of this series was pointed up when a really imaginative director was put to work on one of them.’
    • ‘Whenever any important motif appears, he points it up almost pedantically.’
    emphasize, highlight, draw attention to, accentuate, underline, underscore, turn the spotlight on, spotlight, foreground, lay emphasis on, put emphasis on, stress, give prominence to, play up, focus attention on, accent, bring to the fore
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