Definition of point duty in English:

point duty


mass nounBritish
  • The duties of a police officer or other official stationed at a junction to control traffic.

    ‘if necessary extra officers would be placed on point duty’
    • ‘A Garda on point duty equipped with an appropriate two-way radio would surely do a better job than the present set up.’
    • ‘And to the traffic officers who for years did point duty in the rain, wind and dust at the N2 off-ramp to get us home early - our sincere appreciation and gratitude.’
    • ‘It's nine miles from Ballina and 4 miles from Crossmolina, it's a bit of a backwater down there, but don't worry, the traffic won't annoy ye - there'll be no need for all that fancy point duty ye learned up here!’
    • ‘I have spoken to the Gardaí about doing point duty there, he added…’
    • ‘As a simple test, why not try switching off all the traffic lights at peak times from South Street, Worth Way, and the rest of Keighley and at the following strategic points replace them with officers on point duty?’
    • ‘The policeman on point duty at the junction of Nessgate and Spurriergate in York was expected to have grown accustomed to strange sights, especially during the Festival.’
    • ‘One of these initiatives is to use local Traffic Wardens to do point duty at key areas of the city at peak periods.’
    • ‘In real Test matches, teams tend to defend rather than wave the attacker through like a policeman on point duty, which is what happened in the Currie Cup final.’
    • ‘If necessary, he said, extra officers would be placed on point duty.’
    • ‘But the Nigerians, unlike the paras, have years of jungle fighting experience behind them here, and they don't appreciate the paras turning up on point duty, not being part of the UN, and rearranging their roadblocks.’
    • ‘I remember when there was a police officer on point duty at the top of Finkle Street.’
    • ‘When the traffic lights are out at one or another of Johannesburg's major intersections - as they are invariably are, day in and day out - does one see a cop doing what used to be called point duty?’
    • ‘On last Tuesday which was the beginning of the intensive check point duty for the Gardai saw three checkpoints, in the morning time, in a 20-mile stretch of the Galway to Ballindine road.’
    • ‘The new traffic lights at Murtagh's Corner should be turned off and replaced with a Garda on point duty, according to Cllr Charlie Byrne.’
    • ‘As a Gardaí on point duty remarked, ‘it was great, no trouble at all’.’
    • ‘Six Gardaí were on point duty at the Kinsale Road roundabout at rush hour yesterday where traffic lights have been on the blink since last Thursday.’
    • ‘In Malton most people remember Butcher Corner and the policeman on point duty.’
    • ‘Pale French gendarmes, seemingly plucked straight from Paris point duty, look lost directing the coconut trees.’
    • ‘Tommy Kerry was an old man at the time and used to do point duty at Hinds Corner.’
    • ‘As experience outside St Mary's Church has repeatedly proved in the past, a good guard on point duty is better than any number of red, green and amber beacons.’


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