Definition of point-to-pointing in English:



  • See point-to-point

    • ‘She came to us in the spring to go point-to-pointing.’
    • ‘He is so determinedly relaxed a character that if Armageddon were announced the fullback, dubbed ‘Toff’, gives the impression that he would immediately go point-to-pointing with the four horsemen of the apocalypse.’
    • ‘Owners and trainers make great efforts to ensure that horses move on after racing to other occupations like point-to-pointing, show-jumping or recreation.’
    • ‘Also, point-to-pointing was how I got going as a jockey and, if it leads to training with a full licence, so be it.’
    • ‘‘We have eight horses on the farm bred for hunting and point-to-pointing and there is a strong family tradition of competing and winning,’ she explained.’