Definition of point-to-point in English:



  • An amateur steeplechase for horses used in hunting, over a set cross-country course.

    as modifier ‘a point-to-point meeting’
    • ‘Daughter Emma, who is the third generation of Braders to ride in point-to-points, also won on Duchess Account.’
    • ‘Our stands appear at point-to-points, country fairs, horse trials and game fairs.’
    • ‘My son David trained him for point-to-points and helps tremendously.’
    • ‘If it is banned, have the opponents thought about the future of activities such as point-to-points, pony clubs and agricultural shows regularly sponsored by local hunts?’
    • ‘My first commentaries came at various midland point-to-points between studying for my O-Levels, and my first call came in company with the public address announcer at Stratford, the marvellously named Cloudsley Marsham.’
    • ‘They hunted with her, ran her in point-to-points and in due course, bred from her and she was the grand dam of the great Gold Cup winner himself.’
    • ‘Based at a small stables in Yorkshire, he took to the track following pressure from connections in the mid-1980s when they wanted to give their charge a step up from point-to-points.’
    • ‘‘I have a horse called Bobby George at home and I work on a farm that keeps racing horses for point-to-points,’ she said.’
    • ‘Tales Of Bounty, who has been in good form in point-to-points, looks the one to be on in the race named in memory of jump-racing's most fervent supporter.’
    • ‘Some years ago, however, the Jockey Club drew up contingency plans in anticipation of a ban, which will allow horses to race in point-to-points even if they are unable to participate in hunting.’
    • ‘She has been a trainer for about two-and-a-half years but before that she rode in point-to-points and was a pupil assistant to Paul Cole.’
    • ‘I rode in point-to-points for three or four years whilst I was at vet college; I rode a few winners, but got a bit too heavy.’
    • ‘How are events, point-to-points and hunter trials, and all of the activities associated with training, getting and keeping a hunter fit viewed in terms of your definition of what is or is not a full-time hunting equivalent horse?’
    • ‘Racing and point-to-points came high on his agenda, where he met people from far and wide.’
    • ‘Having tried it, the point-to-points take a back seat in my life now, because polo is the sort of sport that really hooks you, draws you in and doesn't let go.’
    • ‘A dual-winner of point-to-points, Hallrule won a modest race under rules at Hexham last time and looks like a horse to keep on the right side.’
    • ‘As an amateur jockey Twiston-Davies won 17 races under rules and 17 in point-to-points.’
    • ‘Trained on Tyneside by Pauline Robson, an accomplished amateur rider, King Barry was a dual winner in point-to-points before succumbing to a leg problem.’
    • ‘A focus group, much loved by the Labour urbanites, would soon reveal just who organises the country fairs, point-to-points, hunt balls, race nights, bridge nights, and pony club.’
    • ‘All sorts of rude things have been said in the past about Omni Cosmo Touch, the winner of two point-to-points and a hunter chase early in the year.’


  • 1(of a route or journey) from one place to the next without stopping or changing; direct.

    ‘flights will last longer on point-to-point routes’
    • ‘From there, it will offer point-to-point flights to Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the Benelux countries.’
    • ‘The record breaking flight by Global Hawk was the fist non-stop crossing of the Pacific Ocean and the longest point-to-point journey ever undertaken by an unmanned aircraft, a total distance of 13,840 kilometres.’
    • ‘America West has watched its earnings improve after making similar changes last year, scrapping its Columbus, Ohio, hub and focusing on point-to-point routes and the airline's hubs in Las Vegas and Phoenix.’
    • ‘Two days before the race, the signs were already out on this point-to-point course, marking each turn, each hill and counting down the kilometers.’
    • ‘One strategy that has worked well for Frontier, however, is point-to-point service to foreign leisure destinations.’
    • ‘The airline also will eliminate many point-to-point flights, including some routes between the Northeast and Florida.’
    • ‘In the next five years, Airbus 380 double-decker planes will attempt to succeed in hub-and-spoke travel, while Boeing is pinning aircraft development on point-to-point travel.’
    • ‘They can fill flights out of smaller cities because their planes carry passengers bound for anywhere in the world - not just to one destination, as with a point-to-point airline.’
    • ‘A glimpse of US Airways' new strategy: As part of its revamped, low-cost business model, US Airways wants to offer more point-to-point flights from the Northeast.’
    • ‘Some high-paid business travelers are turning to private jets, while the budget-conscious are switching to low-fare airlines, including point-to-point carriers.’
    • ‘Southwest Airlines has built an innovative point-to-point route system with lower costs than the major airlines, but it still sells the standard airline seat.’
    • ‘Boeing bets that air routes will fragment with more point-to-point flights, whereas Airbus thinks the key is a hub where thousands of passengers gather and then are rerouted.’
    • ‘America West has recently added a number of point-to-point flights that do not pass through its Phoenix or Las Vegas hubs.’
    • ‘Current law limits non-U.S. ownerships to 25% of a domestic carrier's voting stock and doesn't permit domestic point-to-point flights by foreign carriers.’
    • ‘Those extra planes could provide more jobs for pilots - and allow the airline to fly more profitable point-to-point routes.’
    • ‘The moves come as US Airways readies a switch to more point-to-point flights that aren't funneled through a hub airport.’
    • ‘And in both Milwaukee and Indianapolis, Northwest has added numerous point-to-point flights, effectively turning those airports into mini-hub-like operations.’
    • ‘A 1995 bilateral pact allows airlines in Canada and the USA to offer point-to-point service between the two, eliminating some irksome changes.’
    • ‘Though AirTran likely saw local demand for the new Boston routes, the carrier also appears to be mimicking a Southwest strategy of using those new point-to-point routes to funnel connecting passengers in some cases.’
    • ‘He says increasing point-to-point flights could help alleviate congestion by flying passengers directly to their destinations and bypassing busy hubs.’
    1. 1.1 (of a telecommunication or computer link) directly from the sender to the receiver.
      ‘frame relay switches handle point-to-point connections’
      • ‘The traditional method of integrating many systems involves point-to-point connections - that is, linking each individual system with every other system on a one-by-one basis.’
      • ‘In some instances, the demand is sufficiently high to justify a point-to-point connection from the access site to the aggregation site.’
      • ‘The matrix contains up to 128 point-to-point connections, each of which directly link each front-end channel director and back-end disk director to all global cache memory regions.’
      • ‘The impact of a wireless transmission is not confined to a stable set of point-to-point links, as in a wired network, but reaches any receiver within its range.’
      • ‘To isolate faults in a short time in such a network, it would be essential to monitor several point-to-point links at the same time and collect protocol data in a time-correlated manner between all the links.’
      • ‘The best example of this improvement is the replacement of the point-to-point links in favor of a redundant, wireless optical mesh network providing carrier-grade availability.’
      • ‘Designed to handle shared medium-access or point-to-point connections, Ethernet has recently taken a well-publicized leap into metro networking.’
      • ‘Before 1920, radio was used for point-to-point wireless telegraphy.’
      • ‘The second VPN need is to create an encrypted point-to-point connection between two different networks over some untrusted medium.’
      • ‘Today's second-gen optical switches rely on the use of separate, DWDM, point-to-point connections to transport and manage individual wavelengths.’
      • ‘There will also be image display units for the point-to-point video service.’
      • ‘Note that HDMI is a point-to-point interface, designed to directly connect two devices, such as an HDTV tuner and a display.’
      • ‘Since the customer is contracting for a dedicated point-to-point link at a committed rate, the monthly recurring charge will be a function of the distance between the sites as well as the bandwidth.’
      • ‘Early attempts to rectify this problem centered on creating point-to-point interfaces between pairs of computers.’
      • ‘Cyberspace is thus more like science-fictional hyperspace, existing purely to enable very fast point-to-point links, rather than being a habitable space in its own right.’
      • ‘A ring architecture provides greater reliability and allows traffic to flow logically between offices, if necessary, through a point-to-point connection.’
      • ‘All transfer network-style packet-based data structures over point-to-point links.’
      • ‘Standards work is in progress to solve this issue by using IP-based mobility mechanisms that eliminate the emulation of virtual point-to-point interfaces.’
      • ‘This gateway must be capable of maintaining the state of the virtual point-to-point interface to the mobile device, including its assigned IP address, for the duration of the session.’
      • ‘Modern microwave links are quite prevalent due to the cost effective nature of utilizing microwave point-to-point links to relay traffic compared to wire-line rental rates and fiber usage.’