Definition of poikilothermic in English:



  • See poikilotherm

    • ‘In poikilothermic animals temperature can be a major variable.’
    • ‘Little is known about the physiological time of poikilothermic animals and we know nothing about the physiological time of modular organisms.’
    • ‘Because amphibians are poikilothermic, this unequal geographic distribution might have led to shorter generation times and higher metabolic rates in the evolution of neobatrachians.’
    • ‘General anesthesia inactivates the body's temperature regulating mechanism and transforms the homeothermic body into a poikilothermic body - one that is altered by the temperature of the environment.’
    • ‘As evidenced by the articles in this volume, a recent increase in interest in the mating systems of poikilothermic vertebrates has focused primarily on fishes, a few amphibians, and squamate reptiles.’