Definition of poi dance in English:

poi dance


  • A traditional Maori dance in which a ball of flax is swung rhythmically on a string.

    ‘soldiers were welcomed into the village by women doing poi dances’
    • ‘She will perform the twirling Poi dance.’
    • ‘A poi dance or similar would highlight Maori culture and be far more attractive.’
    • ‘In a tiny back room with the lights out, we watch three "maidens" and three "warriors" sing, dance and perform stick games and poi dances with a good dose of humour.’
    • ‘Tours are set up to take you to one of the Maori villages, where you will be treated to jaw-dropping displays of Maori weaponry, the graceful poi dance and the haka dance, that has been made famous by the New Zealand rugby team.’
    • ‘Oh dear. No haka party or poi dance.’
    • ‘We were serenaded, challenged with a Haka and entertained by a traditional stick throwing dance and the ladies' Poi dance.’
    • ‘Nightly Maori concerts are held with traditional action songs, poi dances, stick games and the haka.’
    • ‘I heard of but did not see a lying-down poi dance especially designed for pregnant women.’
    • ‘I came out of there knowing a lot of waiata, all the poi dances, and having been instructed on issues of marae protocol.’
    • ‘The action songs all have their counterparts in other areas Of Polynesia, but the poi dance is unique to New Zealand.’