Definition of poetically in English:



  • 1By means of or in relation to poetry.

    ‘he strove to express poetically the voice of the new country’
    ‘a poetically talented artist’
    • ‘The aim of the compiler has been to bring together verses which will continue to give abiding delight to the poetically minded reader.’
    • ‘This American style profoundly affected Spain, and without it, Spanish America would have remained heavily dependent, poetically, on Europe.’
    • ‘It will be found that grand style arises in poetry when a noble nature, poetically gifted, treats with simplicity or severity a serious subject.’
    • ‘I was born a poet, I am a poet, and I will die a poet—I live and I love poetically, and if I cannot write, I die.’
    • ‘The manners of the epic poem ought to be poetically good, but it is not necessary they be always morally so.’
    • ‘You cannot just start writing down truisms, lest you end up writing prose, so how do you start poetically?’
    • ‘If you're not sure the poem has worked this way, it hasn't worked poetically.’
    • ‘Our concern is the more radical impingement of what those people had and have to say poetically, of their different poetic languages, on that of Latin America.’
    • ‘What would make the readers sense, imagine, experience the reality you have poetically conjured to finally bring home the theme or message?’
    • ‘This is a collection of me poetically for you to view so that you can know and understand a little more of my poetic history.’
    1. 1.1 With an imaginative or sensitively emotional style of expression.
      ‘a poetically phrased tribute’
      • ‘We come to see just how much history is poetically embedded in his tall tales.’
      • ‘It is not just showing off, or talking poetically, or doing good things to get good things for yourself in return.’
      • ‘The film's release in 1964 poetically brought his life full circle.’
      • ‘A commonplace material designed to bring order to a garden was poetically transformed to explore the activity of ordering in a gallery.’
      • ‘The sudden discontinuity was often poetically associated with the attaining of enlightenment.’
      • ‘What could have been a simple plein-air painting of the sky morphs into a cerebral yet poetically lively hybrid.’
      • ‘She recounts the story of the boy, very poetically illustrating her close friendship with his mother.’
      • ‘Here may be a key to understanding the liberties he takes with the painters whose lives he poetically reinvents.’
      • ‘Despite the narrator's poetically expressed assertion that "history tightropes toward family," history barely puts in an appearance here.’
      • ‘Holding her face, he reflects poetically that he has finally found the woman he has been waiting for.’