Definition of poem in English:



  • A piece of writing in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by particular attention to diction (sometimes involving rhyme), rhythm, and imagery.

    ‘the sun is an important symbol in this poem’
    ‘a poem in terza rima’
    ‘lyric poems’
    • ‘Modern readers continue to debate whether the poems express platonic friendship or sexual love.’
    • ‘Parents were treated to a morning of songs, poems and music by their Junior Classes.’
    • ‘The friends wrote the original stories, poems and songs that are used on the CDs and provided the voices.’
    • ‘It was a grand affair, with troop parades, poems, songs, a feast and the unveiling of a trophy.’
    • ‘So many of her poems express some combination of confusion and lament about the decline.’
    • ‘After the elegies and hymns and poems, the retired minister rose to speak on tottering legs but with a voice like a vice.’
    • ‘Her class had been preparing for his visit by writing autumn poems of their own and reading some of his books.’
    • ‘Here again the listless rhythms gather images and ideas into poems of real power.’
    • ‘I had ideas for a poem last week while I was driving back from one of our other sites.’
    • ‘Without the old winters, a lot of our seasonal poems, rhymes and novels don't make sense.’
    • ‘Like Paradise Lost this piece is both a moral and political treatise and an epic poem.’
    • ‘After you've completed the evaluation, you'll read some of my poems to get an idea of how to go about it.’
    • ‘He wasn't going to be able to write great passionate love poems or poems of travel.’
    • ‘The group spent the morning working on a descriptive piece of writing and poems about people they knew.’
    • ‘When he's not writing protest poems about saving rocks, Albert ponders the meaning of life.’
    • ‘I, too, hung up the receiver and went into my room to check some books for ideas of fall poems.’
    • ‘We discover why the epic poem is considered one of the greatest works of the human spirit.’
    • ‘Extant works include ecclesiastical poems, rhythmical verse, and a number of letters.’
    • ‘No, Kylie has written a poem especially for the piece which has been incorporated into the score!’
    • ‘He said they also used old poems and ballads which were used as lyrics for the songs.’
    verse, song, rhyme, piece of poetry, verse composition, metrical composition
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Late 15th century: from French poème or Latin poema, from Greek poēma, early variant of poiēma ‘fiction, poem’, from poiein ‘create’.