Definition of podocarp in English:



  • A coniferous tree or shrub chiefly native to the southern hemisphere, widely grown as an ornamental or timber tree.

    Genus Podocarpus, family Podocarpaceae

    • ‘Australian eucalypt forest looks, sounds and smells quite different from NZ podocarp or beech.’
    • ‘After crossing the beautiful Mahitahi River you drive through an impressive avenue of mixed rimu and podocarps and ferns and tree ferns.’
    • ‘These sound like a contradiction in terms, but the name refers to an area on the mainland, mainly in forests of beech and podocarps, which would be treated like an island and given intensive pest control programmes.’
    • ‘Vegetation dominated by low density stands of podocarp and taxodiod conifers grew on mobile braided alluvial plains where it was subject to regular catastrophic flooding events.’
    • ‘Day one is an uphill climb through beech forest, day two across the tussock high up, day three downhill through podocarps to the Heaphy River, and day four along the gorgeous West Coast beach with nikau palms alongside.’


Mid 19th century: from modern Latin Podocarpus, from Greek pous, pod- ‘foot’ + karpos ‘fruit’.