Definition of poddy-rear in English:



[with object]Australian
  • Feed (a young animal) by hand.

    ‘I hope they're having success with poddy-rearing the foal’
    • ‘Our neighbour's spoilt poddy reared heifer kept jumping out.’
    • ‘He was poddy reared because his mother died.’
    • ‘The father was kicked by a poddy-reared draught horse.’
    • ‘He was poddy reared after his mother nearly killed him.’
    • ‘She looked after the poddy reared yearlings.’
    • ‘The calves had to be poddy-reared.’
    • ‘The gain in quality of milk made up for the time lost through poddy-rearing them.’
    • ‘She was rescued by a fellow who poddy reared her.’
    • ‘I hope they're having success with poddy rearing the foal.’
    • ‘Anyone who has poddy reared a foal finds it hard to resist the temptation to play with the little orphan.’


Late 19th century: from poddy, in the Australian sense ‘calf fed by hand’.