Definition of pocosin in English:



  • (in the southern US) an area of low, swampy ground, typically wooded.

    • ‘It goes on like this most of the way to the ocean, 40 miles away, with bays and pocosins wherever there's a dip.’
    • ‘Businesses were lured to eastern North Carolina by the notion of mining the rich peat soil submerged beneath vast pocosins or evergreen shrub bogs.’
    • ‘When you think of unusual Southeastern habitats, you might list the sandhills, Carolina bays, and pocosins of the coastal plain.’
    • ‘The Fall Line Sand Hills is home to several related but distinctive plant communities: longleaf pine-scrub oak forests, Atlantic white cedar swamps, and pocosin community types.’
    • ‘In pocosins drained by small canals and natural sloughs, mud turtles crawled up to the warmth on half-submerged logs.’
    swamp, marshland, bog, peat bog, swampland, morass, mire, quagmire, quag, slough, fen, fenland, wetland, sump
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Mid 17th century: probably from Algonquian poquosin.