Definition of pocketknife in English:



North American
  • A penknife.

    • ‘Silently, Shawn reached a hand into the right pocket on his jeans and withdrew a compact pocketknife, flicking it open.’
    • ‘Edgar pulled a pocketknife from his pocket and quickly slit through the tape.’
    • ‘I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a pocketknife.’
    • ‘After that, he shrugged and held the pocketknife down.’
    • ‘‘You won't feel a thing,’ he whispered to me as he grabbed his pocketknife out of his pocket.’
    • ‘He had cut through his own by taking out a pocketknife, for he was blessed with longer arms, and he was able to reach it almost directly after she had tied him up.’
    • ‘Walking forward he pulled the silver pocketknife from his pocket then started peeling the thorns off, and cutting the stems.’
    • ‘Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out a large pocketknife and snapped it open.’
    • ‘She was afraid to struggle; she knew quite well that he kept a pocketknife in his back pocket.’
    • ‘Reaching into my right cargo pocket, I produced a small pocketknife.’
    • ‘She took out her pocketknife and stabbed it into the wooden table.’
    • ‘Thinking quickly, I opened a pocketknife and cut Derek's ropes loose.’
    • ‘He opened the pocketknife to expose its glistening blade.’
    • ‘I took a small pocketknife out of my bag and cut their ropes.’
    • ‘I pointed over to the leftover boxes and gave him the pocketknife.’
    • ‘He reached under his pillow and pulled out his pocketknife.’
    • ‘The thief turned around and brandished his pocketknife.’
    • ‘I pulled it out of my pocket and found my pocketknife.’