Definition of pocketbook in English:



  • 1British A notebook.

    ‘a record of the caution shall be made in the officer's pocketbook’
    • ‘Records were kept in a pocketbook - and in Bill's remarkable memory.’
    • ‘It would mean officers arrive at the station, complete their pocket book and do an about-turn to go straight back out onto the streets.’
    • ‘Above that, a leather-bound slim-style Filofax pocket book where I keep stuff like my driver's licence, insurance documents, and plastic cards that won't fit in my wallet.’
    • ‘He could not reach his pocket book because it was in the jacket he had used to wrap Miss Hague against the cold.’
    • ‘And whenever I have a new thought, an original idea, I just whip out the pocket book and I write it down.’
    • ‘I would then take a strip of paper and the pencil from my pocket book and write all the registrations next to the color of the vehicles memorized.’
    • ‘It is a pocketbook which fits the hand perfectly.’
    • ‘A crossroads lay before us, and stood in the middle of it was Master sat astride his steed, writing, as ever, in a small pocket book.’
    • ‘Among the first in line was a guy who wanted Vikram's autograph on his pocket book.’
    • ‘She took out her pocket book and wrote something.’
    • ‘She had come for a pocketbook and a pocketbook only.’
    • ‘The pocket books of these women have been revealed to contain detailed ‘accounts’ of the diverse and dispersed aspects of household management.’
    • ‘As the detainee protested he had done nothing, the officer reached for his pocket book, without giving the man a chance to explain or attempting to deal with the situation in a calm, professional way.’
    • ‘What he had not anticipated when he chose the slightly inebriated, seriously overweight woman attempting to hail a cab, was how attached she would be to her pocketbook.’
  • 2US A wallet, purse, or handbag.

    ‘she dug a couple of aspirin out of her pocketbook’
    • ‘I also have her morbid fear of losing my pocketbook somewhere.’
    • ‘Now the flap rests there, there is no way I can get into the pocketbook.’
    • ‘His hands were rifling through her pocketbook and wallet.’
    • ‘When she was apprehended at the store, these drugs were in her pocketbook, all right?’
    • ‘I took my change purse out of my pocketbook and scowled.’
    • ‘She left her pocketbook at a table at the restaurant early Saturday morning, and when she rushed back inside to get it, it was gone.’
    • ‘On the corners, they stood in clumps, girls with big hair and tight jeans and fringed leather pocketbooks.’
    • ‘Of course, they'll just find some senator or congressman and pump cash into his pocketbook until they change the law.’
    • ‘In response to Dad's request, she pulls out her checkbook from her pocketbook and a pen and writes out a check for eight hundred dollars.’
    • ‘She pulled a cigarette out of her pocketbook, a bent, half-crushed one she stole from her older brother.’
    • ‘Three seconds later the door opened again and she ran to the kitchen counter to grab her pocket book.’
    • ‘I hope she's not thinking at all - that she's mindlessly looking for the house keys or gathering up her sweater and pocketbook.’
    • ‘My satin-covered pocketbook, whose braided long cotton handle I had hooked around my head so that the pocketbook brushed against my right hip, was close against me.’
    • ‘My mother used to keep a bib in her pocketbook for when we ate out when I was so small they had to go get a high chair and later a booster seat.’
    • ‘‘I'll go now,’ Liv said quietly, rising and grabbing her pocket book.’
    • ‘Of course, you have no idea just how difficult it is to please me until you have to accompany me on an expedition to locate the perfect pocketbook.’
    • ‘You can use a large pocket book, brief case, or carry on bag.’
    • ‘They were similar pocketbooks or purses, but they had a belt on it that you could put around your waist with the fasteners similar to the ones on a bicycle helmet.’
    notecase, purse, pouch, pochette
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    1. 2.1North American One's financial resources.
      ‘they provide packages for every taste and every pocketbook’
      • ‘And the impact of increased costs could go well beyond the direct hit to individual pocketbooks and corporate budgets.’
      • ‘At a press conference this week, the mayor announced her intention of being ‘kind to the environment and gentle on the pocketbook.’’
      • ‘The gas prices, of course, do hit them in the pocketbook.’
      • ‘And high fuel prices are a threat to the economy and consumer pocketbooks nationwide.’
      • ‘I was skeptical that any of this was in the service of making consumers' teeth cleaner, but merely for emptying our pocketbooks at a faster rate for the privilege of buying something that doesn't even fit in the toothbrush holder.’
      • ‘I see little hope for this country without revolution against these politicians who so brazenly will steal straight from America's pocketbooks and future.’
      • ‘Instead of yet another raid on the pocketbooks of students and their families, we should be investing federal resources to make college affordable.’
      • ‘Depending on their taste and pocketbooks, eighteenth-century Americans could use punch bowls made in a variety of materials other than ceramics and glass.’
      • ‘Sales returns from the first four months of the 2000 calendar year indicate that these new products created a modest directional change in the monies flowing out of prestige-buyers' pocketbooks.’
      • ‘Sooner or later, kids need to become more aware of how complex legislation, budget cuts and our convoluted tax code will affect their pocketbooks.’
      • ‘He caved to the auto companies, and didn't propose one fuel efficiency standard, bleeding billions of dollars out of family pocketbooks and filling the air with pollution as a result.’
      • ‘The assault on taxpayers' pocketbooks is just beginning, and it doesn't matter where you live - you're going to get hit.’
      • ‘And ongoing social and economic reforms, which have hit millions of people squarely in the pocketbook, have created the prerequisites for an explosion of social tension.’
      • ‘What will the impact of a U.S. war against Iraq be on the pocketbooks, on the wallets of the American public?’
      • ‘But the big change is that Corporate America is beginning to open its pocketbook.’
      • ‘They were willing to vote with their pocketbooks to invest their money in the future of the community.’
      • ‘Obviously, people will resist or try to subvert change that hurts them in the ego or in the pocketbook.’
      • ‘Only Christmas gets consumers dipping into their pocketbooks with such happy abandon.’
      • ‘Remember if you like one artwork and its too expensive for your taste or pocketbook there is surely another painting that is similar and can fit your budget.’
      • ‘They care about little or nothing but their pocketbooks.’
      means, budget, resources, financial resources, finances, funds, money, capital, assets, wherewithal
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  • 3pocket bookNorth American A paperback or other small or cheap edition of a book.

    ‘student doctors clutch pocket books of clinical practice’
    • ‘She disappeared into the hallway to the bedroom for a few seconds and when she returned she was holding a small black pocket book in one hand and the black baseball cap from the day before in the other.’
    • ‘The majority of children receive identical red jumpsuits and a pocket book of Christmas themed party literature.’
    • ‘Not long after that I discovered yoga and taught myself how to do it from a bland pocket book called, Yoga For Americans.’
    • ‘Now this is only a small pocketbook, but it's amazing how much one learns about East Timorese culture, and how important that sensitivity to that culture is, even in the most basic communication.’
    • ‘We then played a game that I introduced to the group where we would have readings from my little pocketbook of famous quotations, and everyone had to guess who was the originator of the quotation.’
    • ‘The man pulled a pocket book out of his jacket and opened it.’
    • ‘No one bothered to refer to the significantly expanded, easily accessible pocket book edition.’
    • ‘It is a kind of graphic novel in pocket book size.’
    • ‘Last week a little girl gave him a pocket book entitled, ‘Words on Courage’.’
    • ‘I put my books and pocket book into my small gym locker and kept my light spring jacket to watch the practice.’
    • ‘The first pocketbook contains hundreds of entries in the Haiku form currently enjoying a renaissance in hip literature circles as well as epigrams, concrete poems and other works similarly concise in their nature.’
    • ‘Being interested in culture and music, he has brought out a pocket book on French rap.’
    • ‘Unfortunately time was against me and I didn't read as much of it as I probably should have done, so when I saw the pocketbook in a bookshop in Cardiff itself, I bought it immediately.’
    • ‘A pocket book on tourism has been launched to coincide with the tourist season.’
    • ‘The aim of this pocket book is to provide key information on the 100 most important diagnoses in the Head and Neck.’