Definition of pock in English:



  • A pockmark.

    • ‘Her head was bare again, and marked by tiny red pocks.’
    • ‘My pock had become so sore and troublesome ’, soldier Lemuel Roberts recalled, ‘that my clothes stuck fast to my body, especially to my feet; and it became a severe trial to my fortitude, to bear my disorder’.’
    • ‘He was a strange-looking man, olived-skinned face marked with scars and pocks from unknown battles.’
    • ‘Those infected, remain contagious until the last pock falls off - about 21 days.’
    • ‘The lesions resemble small pocks - tiny, pus-filled blisters most prominent on the face, arms and legs.’
    • ‘Marks from beatings criss-crossed his back, and deep pocks, apparently from electric shock burns, were gouged in his skin.’
    • ‘Obtain a written, signed note from your physician, of take photographs of your children when the pocks have manifested.’
    scar, pit, pock, pitted scar, mark, blemish
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Old English poc ‘pustule’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch pok and German Pocke. Compare with pox.