Definition of pochard in English:



  • A diving duck, the male of which typically has a reddish-brown head and a black breast.

    Genera Aythya and Netta, family Anatidae: five species, in particular the common A. ferina of Eurasia

    • ‘More than 70 varieties of birds breed on and around the lake, including the famous ospreys, tufted ducks, goldeneyes, coots, pochards, mallards and widgeons.’
    • ‘Other species found included goosander, pochard, tufted duck and teal on the water.’
    • ‘A fine selection of ducks, including Norfolk's largest congregation of pochard - makes a winter visit to Welney memorable.’
    • ‘More than 218 species have been recorded on the reserve, including mallards, teal, widgin, great crested grebes, pochard, wild geese and Canada geese.’
    • ‘And while the local migratory birds are flying out, the foreign ones like mallards, pintails, teals, shovelers, pochards, waders and curlews are coming in.’
    • ‘There were several pairs of great crested grebes but there were also good numbers of tufted duck, pochard, gadwall mallard and teal.’
    • ‘The Dams is regarded as an important regional reserve with 218 recorded species - including teal, widgeon, great crested grebe, pochard, wild geese, water voles and great crested newts.’
    • ‘There must have been a thousand birds, a mix of species including lots of pochard or tufted duck.’


Mid 16th century: of unknown origin.