Definition of poblano in English:



  • A large dark green chilli pepper of a mild-flavoured variety.

    • ‘Large, mild chiles such as poblanos, in particular, are often roasted and peeled before they're used, as they are in the Poblano Gravy and Cauliflower Gratin in our Thanksgiving menu.’
    • ‘Accompanying the snapper is a tasty blend of barely spicy rice with hints of smooth cotilla cheese, poblanos, mint and scallion.’
    • ‘Don't miss the mole poblano, a chicken mole dish made with chocolate (of course) and hot peppers.’
    • ‘Add the poblano and potatoes and stir until incorporated.’
    • ‘The dish consists of a poblano stuffed with meat and pine nuts, covered in a walnut and cream sauce and decorated with parsley and pomegranate seeds: the red, white and green of the Mexican flag.’
    • ‘Use thicker-fleshed chiles, such as poblanos, and allow their skin to blacken and blister without burning through the flesh.’
    • ‘We have a lunch of poblanos stuffed with crab.’
    • ‘Remove from the heat, add the onion, green pepper, poblano pepper, jalapeño pepper, bay leaf, and crab in a medium bowl and mix to c combine.’
    • ‘Scatter the strips of poblano, bacon, and sage leaves over apples.’
    • ‘Across from the main plaza, Mi Casa serves mole poblano and other Mexican specialties.’
    • ‘Add the chicken stock, poblano chilies, and corn and stir to combine.’
    • ‘Add the poblano pepper and onion and sauté for one minute.’