Definition of pneumoconiosis in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • A disease of the lungs due to inhalation of dust, characterized by inflammation, coughing, and fibrosis.

    • ‘The breathing of coal and rock dust causes black lung, the common name given to the lung diseases pneumoconiosis and silicosis.’
    • ‘Moreover, pneumoconiosis may progress after miners retire.’
    • ‘Miners diagnosed with pneumoconiosis were informed of their condition, but, for socioeconomic reasons, they were not requested to leave their jobs.’
    • ‘The 77 year old recipient was bed bound with severe emphysema and pneumoconiosis.’
    • ‘Among individuals with certified occupational exposures to asbestos in the United States, 20% die of pneumoconiosis.’


Late 19th century: from pneumo- ‘relating to the lungs’ + Greek konis ‘dust’ + -osis.