Definition of ply for hire in English:

ply for hire


  • Search for or be available for customers to hire.

    ‘he augmented his income by plying for hire as a ferryman’
    ‘continental air companies will be able to ply for hire in the UK’
    • ‘However, realistically, it is expected that some vehicles will be unable to rank at any given time because they will be either plying for hire, hired or not working.’
    • ‘Scottish ministers have rejected advice from the UK government and consumer groups to scrap controls on the number of cabs plying for hire.’
    • ‘‘This is a matter for concern because only Craven taxis should be plying for hire in the town,’ he said.’
    • ‘The court heard it was an offence to ply for hire without a hackney carriage licence and private hire drivers must have a pre-booking for a passenger to go to a specific destination.’
    • ‘These vehicles are the only ones licensed and insured to ply for hire, that is take passengers from the taxi ranks or be hailed in the street.’
    • ‘If they do not pay, the Council is expected to prosecute them for illegally plying for hire under the Road Traffic Act in a magistrates court.’
    • ‘But taxis can ply for hire and minicabs should only respond to calls.’
    • ‘Wright, who is self-employed, admitted plying for hire without a hackney carriage licence, and driving without insurance.’