Definition of Plutonian in English:



  • 1Of or associated with the underworld.

    • ‘Damien picked his way through the corpse ridden Plutonian landscape.’
    • ‘Similar key ingredients exist amongst various levels of thought on reincarnation, mainly Plutonian and Hindu, especially Ramanuja's ‘personal’ system.’
    of hell, hellish, lower, nether, subterranean, underworld
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  • 2Relating to the dwarf planet Pluto.

    • ‘Our Plutonian scanners are picking up a distress signal in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.’
    • ‘Adonis guessed that he was a Plutonian, because they were always the proudest, no matter what.’
    • ‘Eventually, the astronauts re-establish communication having decided to continue on their Plutonian path.’