Definition of plutocrat in English:



  • A person whose power derives from their wealth.

    ‘champagne-swilling plutocrats’
    • ‘Here corrupt officials - and the plutocrats they enriched through questionable business practices - are making little effort to hide their ill-gotten gains, but actually flaunt them.’
    • ‘Destroying the ability of journalists to conduct investigative reporting using anonymous sources benefits only the one group threatened by investigative reporting, the plutocrats.’
    • ‘The multimillionaire plutocrat is officially a resident of Portugal, where he owns a golf estate.’
    • ‘And in feudal states, plutocrats with the greatest wealth owned the apparatus of governance and held absolute control over the lives of average people.’
    • ‘The other view promises expanded democracy and giving the people, not plutocrats, control of government.’
    rich person, capitalist, tycoon, magnate, nabob, millionaire, billionaire, multimillionaire, nouveau riche, person of means
    fat cat, moneybags, zillionaire
    midas, croesus, dives
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