Definition of plush velvet in English:

plush velvet


mass noun
  • A kind of plush with a short, soft, dense nap, resembling velvet.

    as modifier ‘dark green plush velvet carpet’
    • ‘She sat on the soft plush velvet seats across from him.’
    • ‘While he was sitting comfortably in a plush velvet covered chair, reading a book, she studied him intently.’
    • ‘My favourite current furniture trend is a classic, tailored linen for the main sofas, teamed with a single armchair and cushions in plush velvet or chenille.’
    • ‘The two settled back comfortably in their plush velvet seats, and Marina took off her jacket.’
    • ‘The chamber was one mammoth gallery of paintings, statuary, jeweled chandeliers, carved marble pillars, heavy ebony tables, and plush velvet furniture where one could dine or relax in sumptuous elegance.’
    • ‘It was still a working cinema so we were all seated on plush velvet seats.’
    • ‘Sitting on plush velvet cushions were six jewels of varying size and color, all polished into perfect spheres by expert craftsman thousands of years ago.’
    • ‘Frowning in distress, she pushed back a wayward strand of silky brown hair from her face and sank deeper into the plush velvet chair.’
    • ‘Ken nodded, sitting down on the armchair of a plush velvet armchair, waiting to hear what was expected of him.’
    • ‘Sitting in a plush velvet cushion was a roughly cut crystal, perhaps four inches long, and about two inches wide.’
    • ‘Fitted out in wood and plush velvet, it has some very authentic décor items.’