Definition of plus sign in English:

plus sign


  • The symbol +, indicating addition or a positive value.

    • ‘A win is recorded by a plus sign (+) in that player's column.’
    • ‘A plus sign indicates that one set of strategies or another was used to deal with the environmental issues.’
    • ‘A plus sign indicates the presence of the insertion, and a minus sign indicates the absence of one.’
    • ‘The process is represented in Figure 10.1 where a plus sign indicates that a variable has a positive affect on deforestation.’
    • ‘Species are counted and the group (hypercarnivorous vs. nonhypercarnivorous) with more species receives a plus sign; the group with fewer species receives a minus.’
    • ‘A plus sign (+) means the real thickness is greater than the number posted, while a minus sign (-) means the real thickness is less the number posted.’
    • ‘I certainly miss having a big plus sign on my bank balance instead of the big negative one I have now.’
    • ‘Then there is a series of mysterious symbols, an open circle and a plus sign repeated throughout the Georgian house.’
    • ‘The first plus sign indicated performance on the tone task and the second plus sign indicated performance on the shape-matching task.’
    • ‘Clicking on a plus sign enables you to view the entire comment, or you can expand or collapse all comments with a single click.’
    • ‘A plus sign on the left indicated that a correct response had been made to the response cue, while a plus sign on the right indicated that a correct response was made to the target.’
    • ‘Levels of support are coded as filled circles, open circles and plus signs.’
    • ‘If you click on a plus sign, the folders within that drive will appear just below the drive in the same window.’
    • ‘The plus sign (+) denotes amplification and the minus sign (-) indicates no amplification.’
    • ‘In the results area I click the little plus sign on the left and it adds the contact info to my addressbook.’
    • ‘Often searching for a phrase works better than just using the plus sign between words.’