Definition of Plunket nurse in English:

Plunket nurse


  • A nurse trained to monitor a baby's health and development according to the programme promoted by the Plunket Society.

    ‘in those days, every child was seen regularly by the Plunket nurse’
    • ‘The medical fraternity, midwives and Plunket nurses have collectively demonised the practise.’
    • ‘I rocked up to Plunket head office in Dunedin and said I'd like to be a Plunket nurse.’
    • ‘The 100 or so health line operators are not Plunket nurses.’
    • ‘When mother and baby returned home the Plunket nurse would call every week for six weeks.’
    • ‘Her vision of a Plunket Nurse very quickly evaporated to be replaced with an entirely superior picture.’
    • ‘Being a Plunket nurse meant listening as mothers cried over Depression unemployment.’
    • ‘Today's Plunket nurses dress casually and are likely to knock on your door wearing t-shirt and jeans.’
    • ‘Plunket nurses are too busy answering and calling back health line callers.’
    • ‘A Plunket nurse has always pulled on pride and professionalism with her uniform, though her clothes have been adapted over time.’
    • ‘The mother and child were described by their Plunket nurse as literally starving, because the mother was not producing enough milk to feed the baby and they could not afford formula.’