Definition of plumb bob in English:

plumb bob


  • A bob of lead or other heavy material forming the weight of a plumb line.

    • ‘They include a mason's kit with various shapes for cutting limestone and finishing masonry work and mortar; a plumb bob fastened from limestone; and tools for cutting, scraping, chiseling, planing, and sawing wood.’
    • ‘Use a plumb bob, a long carpenter's level, or a laser level to tape off the stripes; having a second pair of hands helps.’
    • ‘You can now transfer these marks to the ground, using a plumb bob, and drive in two small stakes.’
    • ‘To locate the center of the roof opening, hang a plumb bob from the underside of the roof with the point of the bob over the center nail in the ceiling opening.’
    • ‘Use a plumb bob and chalk to transfer each mark from the string to the ground, and drive a stake to mark the center of each post position.’
    • ‘The point at which the string of the plumb bob crossed the scale indicated the height of the stain degrees of altitude, and concurrently the location of the ship in degrees of latitude.’
    • ‘Here, three metal rods ran across a corner of the gallery, each supporting a large pulley wheel and a piece of canvas strap to which were attached a plumb bob and a weight.’
    • ‘In mounting a scope, I like to use a carpenter's square to get the action level, and a plumb bob to align the vertical crosshair.’
    • ‘More than 2,000 years ago the Mayans used plumb bobs and chalk lines in building carved columns so finely that a row of hundreds of these would disappear behind the first one.’