Definition of plugola in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • The incidental or unofficial promotion of a person or product in the media, sometimes in return for a payment.

    • ‘Sly fellows turn the notoriety acquired through public office into the real coin of the realm, plugola.’
    • ‘When a reporter or disc jockey slips in or passes over information in order to line his pocket, that's plugola, and management would take quick corrective action.’
    • ‘Portland's TV stations regularly employ plugola in news programming as a way of promoting parent network programming.’
    • ‘The column is a nice bit of blog plugola from one of the nation's most respected magazines.’
    • ‘He is guilty of violating the Commission's policy against plugola.’
    inducement, incentive
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1950s: from plug + -ola, after payola.