Definition of plugboard in English:



  • A board containing several sockets into which plugs may be inserted to interconnect electric circuits, telephone lines, or computer components, by means of short lengths of wire.

    • ‘The Enigma machine looked like a typewriter in a wooden box, with an electric current travelling from the keyboard through a set of rotors and a plugboard to light up the ‘code’ alphabet.’
    • ‘A common approach was to input the program by some physical means, such as wiring a plugboard, and then feeding in the data for the program to act upon.’
    • ‘After the smoke cleared, he ran his program on the Codebreaker II and found that it did, in fact, figure out the correct settings, including the plugboard.’
    • ‘In its developed form the Enigma machine had a keyboard, plugboard, three (army, air force) or four rotors, and a lamp table.’
    • ‘Its operation was controlled by a program that was set up externally by wires on plugboards.’