Definition of plug something in in English:

plug something in

phrasal verb

  • Connect an electrical appliance to the mains by inserting a plug in a socket.

    ‘she plugged in the electric kettle and spooned coffee into the percolator’
    • ‘No warning appears if no power connector is plugged in, and the performance of the card is the same either way.’
    • ‘The son runs to the TV, plugs it in, and soon the whole family is tuned in.’
    • ‘When I first purchased my computer, I thought that all I needed to do was plug it in, connect it to the phone line, and everything would be OK.’
    • ‘The Crickets came on stage and Sonny Curtis struck a chord, part warm-up, part check the guitar is plugged in, part, perhaps, unconscious pre-performance ritual.’
    • ‘You don't plug the electric system in to recharge - it does this itself during the drive, even using energy from the braking system.’
    • ‘Since then, I always check for water on the floor when I plug appliances in.’
    • ‘He said he objected when he was first asked if a radio could be plugged in during lessons.’
    • ‘To start, simply mount the transformer near a grounded outdoor electrical outlet and plug it in.’
    • ‘But a laptop, even if it was plugged in, would just react to the mains cutoff by switching to its internal battery.’
    • ‘All you do is plug the machine in, switch it to Auto and you're all set to start protecting your private information.’