Definition of ploughland in English:


(US plowland)


mass noun
  • 1Land that is ploughed for growing crops; arable land.

    • ‘The forest east of the Appalachians had largely gone, to be replaced by pasture and plowland, and had been severely reduced between the mountains and the Mississippi.’
    • ‘You can't lay out a fence line or shape a plowland or fell a tree or break a colt merely by observing general principles.’
    • ‘There was no point cutting forests to expand plowlands if there wasn't enough dung to build soil or enough labor to spread it.’
    1. 1.1count noun A measure of land used in the northern and eastern counties of England after the Norman conquest, based on the area able to be ploughed in a year by a team of eight oxen.
      • ‘Now tractors, settled villages and efficient irrigation schemes fed from dams along the Sebou river have turned the area into permanent ploughland.’