Definition of plimsoll in English:


(also plimsole)


  • A light rubber-soled canvas shoe, worn especially for sports.

    • ‘There, on the wall, are a gorgeous pair of 1960s plimsolls - white, with little red bows and tiny red stripes around the base.’
    • ‘Today, she's wearing plimsolls that skip across her kitchen's wooden floor with quick little trit-trot movements.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the caves are warm here so an old shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of green farmer's plimsolls are pretty well adequate.’
    • ‘Naturally we were equally impressed by the bravery of Commander Crabb, who took them on equipped only with a pair of plimsolls and some swimming goggles.’
    • ‘And, comfortable as they may look, O'Neill also urges parents to campaign against any school policy that requires children to wear plimsolls inside at all times.’
    • ‘When we rode our bikes, we wore no helmets, just plimsolls and fluorescent ‘clackers’ on our wheels and hardly any brakes.’
    • ‘Athletes must complete a 200-yard circuit, gingerly stepping over obstacles in their path such as fast-food containers, cans of lager and noxious-smelling plimsolls.’
    • ‘Indeed, it's hard to believe that the young woman sprawled on the floor in her jeans and pink plimsolls, fiddling with her earrings, is going to let any of it go to her head.’
    • ‘So they opted for a tailored calf-length coat - chocolate brown - with a blue pinstripe suit and white plimsolls.’
    • ‘She is already wealthier than the 50 school friends she once ran with, in plimsolls and skirts.’
    training shoe, running shoe, sports shoe, tennis shoe
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Late 19th century: probably from the resemblance of the side of the sole to a Plimsoll line.