Definition of plication in English:



  • 1A fold or corrugation.

    • ‘In some specimens of this species the shell plications may be grooved (divided by two grooves) due to abrasion of the shell, as first noted by Fenton and Fenton.’
    • ‘Micro-pustules, both in grooves and on plications, are the most common type of micro-ornament.’
    • ‘The shell possesses a sulcus on the ventral valve and a corresponding fold on the dorsal valve and several weak plications on flanks.’
    • ‘Many of these forms had high cardinal areas and coarse plications, although others were much more like conventional spiriferids.’
    • ‘Strong radiating ribs are common in this group, and there are generally very strong plications or accordion like folds on the sulcus (the long middle section) of the shell.’
    • ‘Cyrtospirifer ‘sinensis’ differs from C. placitus by its flat ventral interarea and smaller number of sinal plications.’
    • ‘Some shells develop up to two lateral sinal plications, but in most lateral sinal plications are lacking.’
    • ‘Some species of Tongzithyris have one to two pairs of plications.’
    • ‘A small minority of the Atrypacea have smooth shells, others being rather finely costate or having medium to coarse plications.’
    • ‘The ability to perform this procedure without thoracotomy minimized his hospital stay and recovery time while not compromising the integrity of the plication.’
    fold, tuck, crease, gather, pucker, crimp
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    1. 1.1mass noun The manner of folding or condition of being folded.
      • ‘Our patients who did not undergo bilateral plication showed a similar pattern.’
      • ‘Surgical therapy in the form of diaphragmatic plication is often reluctantly considered because of the potential morbidity and disability associated with thoracotomy.’
      • ‘A technique has been described for arthroscopic plication of the rotator interval, but this was not used in our series of patients.’
      • ‘Recently, we have begun to perform arthroscopic capsular plication in patients with significant capsule redundancy and laxity.’
      • ‘With bilateral paralysis, bilateral plication improves the efficiency of the rib cage muscles in generating tidal volume.’
      • ‘They are especially characteristic of many temperate trees where plication occurs between secondary veins before formation of tertiary veins in the bud.’


Late Middle English: via Old French from medieval Latin plicatio(n-), from Latin plicare ‘to fold’.