Definition of plicated in English:



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  • See plicate

    • ‘From there, plication was continued toward the mid-axillary line, resulting in a large part of the plicated tissue being located in the central tendon.’
    • ‘They are commonly formed by mantle extension and shrinkage, and in some cases, mantle bulging or bending results in formation of plicated shell folding.’
    • ‘A more detailed examination of the gastroesophageal junction often demonstrates the plicated area of the stomach.’
    • ‘Some of these coarsely plicated specimens have right central and anterior plicae bifurcated into two minor folds and have narrow secondary plicae in the interspaces of the left valves.’
    • ‘Considering that the original hasn't been seen in a year and three quarters, it looks more like he's plicated.’