Definition of plethysmographic in English:



  • See plethysmograph

    • ‘Before and after training, spirometry, plethysmographic lung volumes, and carbon monoxide diffusing capacity were assessed.’
    • ‘Baseline specific airways conductance and airway responsiveness to histamine were measured using a non invasive body plethysmographic technique.’
    • ‘The pulse oximeter also utilizes a plethysmographic waveform to differentiate pulsatile arterial hemoglobin saturation from venous blood.’
    • ‘In contrast to findings in healthy adults and older children, in whom results are very similar, plethysmographic lung volumes in infants have been consistently higher than those obtained by gas dilution.’
    • ‘These animal plethysmographic data are consistent with results from a large multicenter clinical study that demonstrated a high incidence of airway obstruction in sickle cell patients.’