Definition of pleopod in English:



  • A forked swimming limb of a crustacean, five pairs of which are typically attached to the abdomen.

    Also called swimmeret
    • ‘Sex determination was based on the morphology of the first pleopod and brood pouch if present.’
    • ‘The eggs can be kept in open brood pouches or attached to the pleopods of the female, as in pleocyematan decapods, or freely released in the environment, as in penaeid shrimps.’
    • ‘Often, a biologist need only examine the pleopods to make a family-level designation, thus making the dorsal carapace features superfluous in the diagnosis.’
    • ‘Occasional specimens show preservation of delicate structures such as pleopods and antennae/antennules.’
    • ‘In contrast, arthropods such as the lobster possess distinct maxillipeds, pereopods, pleopods, and uropod.’


Mid 19th century: from Greek plein ‘swim, sail’ + pous, pod- ‘foot’.