Definition of pleiotropy in English:



mass nounGenetics
  • The production by a single gene of two or more apparently unrelated effects.

    • ‘These studies demonstrated that performance and preference of host-plant use may be genetically associated by linkage or pleiotropy, and evolve as correlated traits.’
    • ‘At the level of populations, the scaling of mutational effects with pleiotropy can be addressed via the neutral theory of molecular evolution.’
    • ‘These salutary effects of ezetimibe on statin levels presumably enhance the beneficial effects attributed to statin pleiotropy.’
    • ‘In this study, three factors affecting the distribution of fixed mutational effects are evaluated: pleiotropy, drift, and stabilizing selection.’
    • ‘If gene effects on the trait and fitness are correlated due to pleiotropy, genes of large effect on the trait will remain at much lower frequencies.’


1930s: from Greek pleiōn ‘more’ + tropē ‘turning’.