Definition of pledge drive in English:

pledge drive


  • A fundraising campaign that encourages people to promise donations to a particular cause.

    ‘Hawaii Public Radio's pledge drives were traditionally held over a 10-day period’
    • ‘A pledge drive to raise money for the extended family has begun, he said.’
    • ‘If I were a New Yorker I might just have to decline to support them during the next pledge drive.’
    • ‘Any public television pledge drive shows this principle in action; even small tchotchkes can induce many people to donate.’
    • ‘He tried pledge drives for six years and then shifted to partnering with larger institutions.’
    • ‘With seven days left on the pledge drive, the company has exceeded its original goal by over $100,000.’
    • ‘Like all public radio listeners, I hate the pledge drives.’
    • ‘The participation in the pledge drive thus far this year is 36 percent, so clearly the giving is not mandatory.’
    • ‘They have these amazing pledge drives twice a year where they show their all-time best broadcasting back to back and get people to come in and talk to an awkward tweed-covered middle aged person in front of a phone bank.’
    • ‘The decision by the station came in the midst of the station's fall pledge drive, and it appears to be costing the station contributions.’
    • ‘You may even need to have a pledge drive to raise the cash to pay for the occasion.’