Definition of please God in English:

please God


  • Used to emphasize a strong wish or hope.

    ‘please God the money will help us find a cure’
    • ‘He can go for the Champion next year and the year after if we can keep him sound, please God - he is a very good horse and I wish I was still riding.’
    • ‘But maybe they'll do an illustrated edition (although, please God, no pop-up versions).’
    • ‘The politicians spend money telling us that they are the best leader, while commentators write books and columns telling us how we have been let down by our leaders, that we need better leaders, please God, give us leaders.’
    • ‘I hope, please God, that nothing happens to any more children, but it's too late for my Anthony.’
    • ‘So, please God, let's hope we can get a positive result against West Ham.’
    • ‘I was sitting here thinking please God, let her get her bag back and don't let them hurt her!’
    • ‘But please God, don't let her win an Oscar, that would be grotesque…’
    • ‘She hoped he hadn't flipped; oh, please God, don't let him be crazy as a loon.’
    • ‘Oh please God let it be over soon.’
    • ‘And please God, let the voting machines in Florida work this time!’