Definition of pleasant-tasting in English:



  • Having an agreeable taste.

    ‘this variety has a thin, pleasant-tasting skin, so there's no need to peel it’
    • ‘It is pleasant-tasting and can be safely and freely taken by individuals of all ages.’
    • ‘Elderberry syrup is purple and pleasant-tasting, which makes it especially appealing to children.’
    • ‘The pleasant-tasting liquid in the centre of a "green coconut" is about 92 per cent water, five per cent sugar, one per cent protein, one per cent oil, and one per cent mineral.’
    • ‘European monks, needing a pleasant-tasting, nutritious drink to see them through periods of fasting, started producing large quantities of beer, which they later sold for profit.’
    • ‘Almost any pleasant-tasting food will improve your mood by elevating your supply of endorphins.’
    • ‘A more pleasant-tasting tea can be brewed from equal amounts of meadowsweet, wintergreen and cramp bark.’
    • ‘When wine goes "off", a chemical change has occurred, and the pleasant-tasting wine becomes vinegar.’
    • ‘The flowers were used as a hair dye and, when dried, made into a pleasant-tasting cough medicine.’
    • ‘My family saved about a $100 a month on antihistamines and various drugs just by taking the pleasant-tasting natural grape product.’
    • ‘One manufacturer asked its chemist to find a liquid solution in which the drug could be dissolved, making it more pleasant-tasting, especially to children.’
    tasty, appetizing
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