Definition of pleasant-sounding in English:



  • Producing an agreeable sound or impression.

    ‘the tunes are pleasant-sounding’
    ‘pleasant-sounding names’
    • ‘Opera North's cast is a good-looking and pleasant-sounding team.’
    • ‘She's offering incremental, pleasant-sounding, relatively non-controversial steps that she can present as health care improvements.’
    • ‘People who value professionalism and pleasant-sounding speakers will hardly be happy with the recordings.’
    • ‘Students first test the unfired whistles to see if they are pleasant-sounding.’
    • ‘In the span of 28 short minutes, the band races through 10 songs that are all maddeningly pleasant-sounding.’
    • ‘"I read the book," he says in mild, pleasant-sounding tones.’
    • ‘If you want something quiet and pleasant-sounding to use as background noise in your chaotic life, this is the album for you.’
    • ‘She's such a pleasant-sounding young woman it's hard to keep up the pretence of feeling offended for long.’
    • ‘It sounds far better than one would expect for a 37-year-old mono soundtrack, and the dialogue is clear and pleasant-sounding.’
    • ‘In short, pleasant-sounding rationale has never lagged too far behind colonial adventures.’